Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Ramankwanzannukahmas!

OK, that's enough P.C. stuff for me right now. Twas' a good Christmas seeing the family (both sides), eating too much and getting the usual wonderful pressies. My highlights for the holidays included:

Watching my 15-month old niece demand a glass of milk from her dad this morning by thrusting the cup at him and crying out, "MILK!" Somehow she even made that look adorable, even though he called her "sqwakzilla." Despite this, she still had charm in spades. I loved watching her little devilish grin.

Getting Katamari Damacy from Stella -- easily one of the most strange, yet addictive games of the year. Long story short, you're like a little dung beetle trying to amass more stuff on a junk ball. Getting people, cats, dogs and mice to stick to the ball is a wonderful thing. It might just replace GTA: San Andreas in our PS2 for a bit.

It was a very literary Christmas: I got books from David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell and Jeff got Terry Prachett and a bunch of stuff I found at Frugal Muse.

Mmmmm. Chinese food for Christmas dinner. Always good. And I was really glad my mom let me invite Erich along for Christmas dinner. It's good for the Florida orphans to help each other out on occasion.

Anyways, I hope everyone else's holiday also went well and they won't spend tomorrow in the return/exchange lines!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting me! Hope you're enjoying the pie ;)