Thursday, November 25, 2004

Love to eat the turkey

Another day celebrating the art of gluttony has come and gone. Three pies, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, two bottles of wine, corn, spinach salad, stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes and a turducken were consumed -- albeit a bit late (note to would-be Turducken chefs: THE BOX LIES. It took about five and a half hours to cook the damned thing).

It was a good time -- my mom and grandma came up, Enich was there as well as Christy and it was me and Jeff. For the past five years or so we've been doing Thanksgiving at our house because Jeff's parents are in Florida and my mom doesn't cook turkey (or is working overtime), so we've been the happy home taking in strays for food and frolic.

A turducken is an interesting thing -- I should've know something was up when I got it from Jacobson's Deli in a BOX. A box that could've been used to hold a pair of rollerblades. The bird, which I expected to be boulder shaped thanks to the duck, chicken and stuffing shoved into the turkey, was roughly a rectangle with two drumsticks and wings still attached.

It's a very juicy bird. I think there was enough juice at the bottom of the pan to flavor our gravy and some of the mashed potatoes. Rather messy also. Instead of being cut into neat strips like on the box (another lie for would-be chefs), it fell apart like a pinata after a good crack. Needless to say, it was a very, very messy carving of the bird.

The seafood stuffing wasn't as good as my cornbread sausage stuffing. Next year, we're back to that again, because that's some good shit. Some magical chemical reactions occurs when you mix cornbread, sausage, olives and water chesnuts together -- it forms heroin as far as I can tell. It's very addictive stuff.

And as usual, Grandma kicked ass at mah-jongg. Even though it wasn't for money, Jeff kept losing to her. Thankfully it wasn't money otherwise I think we'd have to mortgage the house to her.

We've now got enough leftovers to feed an army. All hail Thanksgiving!

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