Sunday, November 07, 2004

Gotta love Sims 2

The fine people over at Rooster Teeth (the flks also responsible for Red vs. Blue are at it again with a lovely take off on Sims 2 called The Strangerhood. I was already cracking up.

In my own Sims world, Lil' Keidra continues to be a slut -- she's now working on Don Lothario and Woo Hooing her brains out with Lil Sean Bean. Lil' Raizel is finding love elsewhere (altho I just forgot his name), but hasn't gotten over the Lil' Bean yet. Lil' Sean Bean is still shagging them both rotten as well as Dina Caliente. I fear that he might be putting the moves on Lil' Erich soon, which will be really bizzare.

Lil' Erich's also proving to be quite the mack daddy, having hooked up with the maid repeatedly and he's also wooing Nina Calente -- but she's a bit pissed at him for his relationship with the maid and playing "red hands" with Lil' Christy. Dude, they're just friends -- there's nothing else going on . . . yet.

Lil' Viv is still preggers, throwing up and basically tired as hell. I'm NOT preggers in reality, but my sim's state of condition is how I am normally. Lil' Jeff's really good friends with Morty Goth. For some reason, I fear that I might leave Morty and Lil' Jeff alone and then suddenly see them making out. At least Morty has money.

I love this game. It's so dysfunctional.

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