Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Is it wrong that I want to see this movie?

Most of the time, when I see movie trailers, both Jeff and I are elbowing each other and whispering, "I am so not their target demographic." But most of the flicks are pretty damn stupid.

But there's something about Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle that's gotten my attention. At first, I was really, really afraid it was going to be another movie going for cheap laughs about the lead guys being Asian.

Mercifully, they don't. There's something awesome about two regular Asian guys seeking White Castle burgers and dealing with a psychotic Neil Patrick Harris. I've been suppressing the urge to say "laaaaaaaapppp daaaaannnnccceee" at work.

And there's something very funny and self-aware when they go, "That Asian dude from ...." and "That Indian dude from..."

Needless to say, it's got my attention -- I will probably check this sucker out.

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K. said...

I am so down with Harold and Kumar. I love stoner movies, and it's nice to see two Asian guys in non-stereotypical roles.