Tuesday, June 15, 2004

You know Dubya's bad when ...

When even Reagan's own son, Ron, criticizes the guy. In his eulogy for his father, Jr. takes a couple at potshots Dubya's focus on religion -- perhaps about stem cell research, perhaps about something else.

What amuses me more is knowing that Reagan's family doesn't really care for the Shrub, despite attempts to wrap the Reagan Teflon-coating around Shrub.

Ronnie Jr.'s got the snark though -- "What's his accomplishment?" asked Jr. during the Republican convention. "That he's no longer an obnoxious drunk?"

Frankly, Ronnie's just voicing what a lot of people may be thinking. While his dad was imperfect, led the country down the wrong path with trickle-down economics and other decisions, he wasn't the Shrub. And between the two (if I was forced to choose at gunpoint) I'd take Reagan over Shrub.


K. said...

I'll take Canada.

But yeah, it's intersting that W's attempt to attach himself to Reagan's legacy (dubious though it is) is backfiring on him -- at the behest of *Reagan's own family* Even dedicated conservatives are sick of him.

Viv said...

Dude, you only have three options: gunshot, shrub or Reagan. There's no Canada option :) But I hear ya about conservatives. It's time for a change.

K. said...