Saturday, June 12, 2004

Separated at birth time

Hey Erich! When did you end up at a film set in Morocco? And if that's not you, Orlando Bloom just copped your look (except the clothing).

Be prepared to have hundreds of teenyboppers kick down your door, screaming your name now.


Anonymous said...

Rawk! I, uh, always knew my look would catch on! No, really, I did!

It's funny, my sister called me a couple months ago, convinced I was in a video she'd just seen that had to do with one of the marathon LOTR trilogy theatre showings in December. I didn't even go to one of those.

Who are all these doppelgangers of me wandering about, and will they give me money?


Viv said...

Weird about the LOTR thing. Maybe it's the geek look you know? Longish hair and a beard, slightly scruffy. You should sue for royalties.