Thursday, June 10, 2004

My secret life

I'm not a frequent poster on this blog -- frankly with my schedule and such, it's hard for me to have the time to post because -- well, I have a confession to make.

After I come home from a long day at my normal job, I've got a secret life at night. At night, I suit up as a superhero with Wolverine-esque claws, a tight red and black catsuit and beat up criminals in Paragon City as Li Mao, the wildcat stalking her prey.

Yes. I am a City of Heroes addict. What makes you ask?

I've already stated how much I love this game normally, but the honeymoon isn't over yet. I'm still enjoying playing it immensely -- to the point where my IM messages aren't as rapid-fire as they should be at times. And they're often punctuated with phrases like, "Sorry took so long. Killing bad guys."

The best part of this game is that even though my friends may play more and be higher level than I am, we still can play together. And that rocks. If I'm gonna play a MMORPG, I'd like to play with my friends -- and the sidekick option allows for that. Frankly, Jeff and I haven't worked together so much since, well, ever. It's cool being a superhero crimefighting team.

I also have to say, as Li Mao, I look more badass than Halle Berry in Catwoman.

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