Thursday, June 17, 2004

Good Sex on TBS!

Well, everyone's been having mini Manolo orgasms about Sex and the City being syndicated on TBS. Frankly, I'm one of the people happy to see the show on TBS, even if it's a little cleaned up.

Sure the tits, f-bombs and other more salacious items are gone, but the storylines are still there and coherent. It's quite wonderful, since I got hooked on that show when we had HBO and have been jonesin' for it since we lost HBO. Well, that and the Sopranos -- which if I ever see in syndication, they'll have to drop it to about 30 minutes or so, given half of the storylines, nudity, f-bombs, murder, etc. For awhile, my Sunday nights were locked up with sex and gangsters. All good times -- until we lost HBO.

Sex and the City is my one "chick" show. I never got Ally McBeal (skinny bitch that should've been smacked around for her whining), the Bachelor (why marry someone you met on a TV show?), ER or any of those other shows. But Sex and the City is the one show that I adore.

I think, in a way, it's one of those shows that puts friendship first, above finding that "soulmate" and bullshit like that. For me, it was some crisp dialogue, funny situations and well, a pervy sensibility that works with mine quite well.

Not all of it is perfect -- Carrie can be a self-centered, whiny wanker who makes bad decisions. But it's the other three -- Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha that I enjoy more. One of my friends is starting to remind me of Samantha -- a frank, bold older woman who definitely has style and confidence.

Needless to say, with TBS having a week-long marathon my ass has been firmly planted on the couch -- not just to see the shows again, but in one case (at the Playboy Mansion's infamous Grotto), to see how they handled nudity. Pixelated paradise, but it was cool. I can live with that on basic cable.

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