Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I quick saw this ad on The Bad Moms Club, which referred to a Jezebel article that called the ad a "something very Sparkle Motion/Little Miss Sunshine about it, especially at the :08 mark."

I'll let you be the judge:

Other than the fact that there is no way in hell I'm buying Gap at full price for my kid (HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PRICES? I'M NOT BUYING $30 SWEATERS FOR A KID TO WEAR ONE YEAR), I have no objection to the ad. But I've seen the girls in my neighborhood do that same dance and I don't think that there's anything sexual about it. I've even seen my daughter do the hip shimmy because she learned it from me. It's more the idea movement and rhythm. It reminds me of all the cheerleading stuff that I'd see in junior high and high school.

And I was in high school in 1861 -- when Lincoln was elected President. You would be amazed to see how those cheerleaders rocked the moves in a full hoop skirt and bustle.

Sometimes I wonder in our vigilance to keep kids as innocent as possible, we, as adults, start seeing everything through a sexual lens. Sometimes a little booty shake is just a fun way of expressing yourself -- not the next step to pole dancing. However, I would also hope to see a bunch of little boys do the same kind of ad for the Gap. Not because I like the ads (because honestly, they make me want to stab the holidays and step dancing), but because I'd like to see some gender equality.


Eva said...

I call BS. The bustle didn't start to replace the hoop skirt until '69 or '70 and you were totally out of college by then! :P

Viv said...