Thursday, December 31, 2009

So long the aughts!

Well, this is it. The end of another decade. Or as Jeff helpfully put it today, "Well, every day is the end of a decade." He's technically right, but there's something not so...EPIC about that.

It's also his birthday today, so I hope he enjoys today -- we're basically having people over for some games and gaming. It's all footloose and fancy free, so I'm hoping that it won't suck. But then again, when friends are around, things aren't terrible.

I was thinking about the difference between 10 years ago and now, and it seems like a big change. Ten years ago, Jeff and I were just married, had our first apartment and I had started my first job in journalism (and only job thus far). Who would've thought that 10 years from now, we'd have a house and a kid? Or that I'd be the aunt to six kids already? It makes sense looking back, but I think it was hard to predict if you asked me 10 years ago.

I know people get philosophical around this time of year, and honestly, I can't think of anything to say. Time has passed, life has moved, events have happened and on the whole, it's been a good time. So yeah, Happy New Year. May 2010 be if not good, at least interesting, to us all.

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