Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monthly report: 29th month -- ATTACK OF THE THREE FOOT DIVA

Dear Benevolent Dictator --

Yesterday you turned 29 months old. This past week has been a bit hellacious for all of us because you got a major cold that left you feverish, demanding snuggles, cranky and difficult to deal with. While it was sweet that you were demanding cuddles and enjoyed being snuggled up next to me, after three days of it, it got old. Fast.

Because you wouldn't let me move at all, it was difficult to have everything in the way I like it. I'm not saying I'm a neat freak (you should know that by now), but your mother does have a level of tolerance. Thankfully, your father was around to help pick up the slack left behind by me, because YOU WOULDN'T LET ME DO ANYTHING.

The funny thing is that with this week, it made me realize that while you can be tough at times with how stubborn you can get, you've got a lot of charm to you. You're chatting a lot more, demanding conversations and telling me about your day and what you say and how you feel about things. You love hanging out with both your parents and seeing new things and running and playing.

Which is why the sickness was so rough on my spirits too -- I really do enjoy hanging out with you. You are excellent at coloring and playing by yourself. It's a hoot to watch you take care of your stuffed animals and talk to them and play with them. You're my little partner in crime -- we both have fun exploring the world and seeing new things.

But having you shacked up on the couch, watching a lot of TV and sleeping was rough. It's like your vocabulary dropped to the following: "NO!" and "I.WANT.MOMMA." Even when I was sitting with you and cuddling with you, I would still hear, "I.WANT.MOMMA."

So when you started slowly recovering, I could see it instantly. The first thing was that you asked your father a question, instead of screaming, "NO! WANT! MOMMA!" at him. Next thing was your vocabulary coming back from the previous four words. Today you colored. It was amazing.

And that's what being in a family is all about -- when you're sad, we're here to pick you up and help care for you. When you're feeling better, we all rejoice. So even though you might be glad to feel better -- it's like we're all feeling better too.

The big bummer this week is that we were supposed to go on a family vacation together, but obviously, with your illness, we couldn't. I am sad about that, because it could have been a great time for all of us. But we have other times, more years and other vacations. I'm just glad to see you feeling better. Soon we'll be ready to take over the universe again.



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