Saturday, June 20, 2009

Monthy Newsletter: 24th month: And lo, there was a toddler!

Dear Benevolent Dictator:

Tomorrow you turn two years old. Today was a birthday party with family and some friends. But I think that the biggest hit of all at the party wasn't the chocolate cake that was more dense than a black hole, but the water table. Your cousins loved it, you loved it and the neighborhood kids loved it. Your pretty party dress, was soaking wet by the end. Not that I'm sad about it.

I think the rule for a good party is the following: It's not really a good party if you come back completely clean and pristine. So in that case, it's was a VERY successful party.

I'm sorry I didn't do an update for the 23rd month. I have no excuse other than being tired and old. But no matter what, you still amaze me. What strikes me the most is your confidence. Even though you can be shy in new situations and need me around, after a few minutes you dive right in and get your hands dirty. You charm people with your smiles and your extroversion.

I was even amazed by how charming you were with the doctor for your two-year checkup and how sweet you were with the nurse. The nurse, who you saw once and burst out into tears because you knew she was the lady who gave you shots.

But you're running to me for reassurance when things don't go your way sometimes. Case in point: We went out for lunch two times with friends. Both those times our friends GENTLY admonished you for one reason or another. Both those times your face crumpled and you started sobbing into my shoulder. Now a good mother would've comforted you. What did I do?

"Quick! Let's talk now! She's quiet! We can get words in!"

If it's not clear already, you are a little chatterbox. You're doing three word sentences like, "(BD) do this," "Momma do this," "(BD) chase rabbit!" Also, when your father and I are involved in conversations you like to yell and add to the conversation. Which can be hard sometimes, especially when your interjection is, "KOALA!"

Sometimes it's hard with you. You have an iron will and a steadfastness that can steamroll through anything. Sometimes the temper tantrums wear me down as well as your constant need to have me bow to your whims. On those days, I joke about needing a stiff drink.

Whenever people have said they were thinking about kids, I'd steal a line from Dooce that was basically, "DO YOU LIKE SLEEP?" if they said yes, my reply was, "REFILL YOUR BIRTH CONTROL."

But then you'll say thanks for the new crib sheets. Or just run to me going, "HI! HI! HI!" and give me a hug. Then there's the moments where we're laying in bed together reading books. Or like today, when you were giggling madly and splashing water everywhere. Those are the moments where I want to tell those people, just find the right person, get a kid one way or another and have fun.

The past two years have been work. They've been emotionally hard sometimes. But they've also been some of the sweetest times I've had. And I have to tell you that no matter what, I will always be honored to be your mother.



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