Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hasta la vista Zonk and Katie!

Last week, two of my dear friends, Michael and Katie, packed up their stuff and headed down to Texas. Willingly, I might add. Despite the fact that Texas' cheese could be considered inferior to Wisconsin's, as well as their brats, they moved. Dammit.

I first remember meeting Michael and Katie during a Halloween party that Alan hosted. My first impression is that Katie is a pixie. The girl fits in my purse. Not that I've tried. *whistles innocently* But it wasn't until one Gen Con, in which we all carpooled together that I really got to know the two of them.

I learned that Michael is a big gaming nerd who likes to talk about his balls a lot. He also gets embarrassed when you talk about him talking about his balls. Which I still don't understand, because he would bring up his ginormous jubblie-jublies at nearly every opportunity he could. I also learned that you can easily embarrass him by bringing up the fact that he talks about his ginormous jubblie-jublies all the damn time.

During that time I also learned that Katie' smart as hell when it comes to children's books, she knows her fashion and she's an ardent feminist who's not afraid to talk the ear off of a game publisher about how stupid their illustrations with women are.

We also gamed together for two years and that was some great times, which resulted in us becoming closer friends.

I think the biggest compliment I can pay those two is that when Benevolent Dictator was born, they both made efforts to spend time with us on our terms (which usually was no sleep or doing the senior early bird special at Dennys). They were also the first people to babysit BD when jeff and I would get away for an evening.

Even though the Internet means that we won't lose touch with each other, it's still hard to see them go. It's funny how much you can take for granted when someone is so close in location. I'm going to miss them dearly. I think BD already does. One day she was walking down the stairs and said their names.

It made me sad to say, "Yes, we have friends named Michael and Katie. But they're not here anymore. They're in Austin. But I hope we see them soon."

I know it's for the best. Michael's got a great job lined up and I think that change is good for them both. I wish them the best of luck, I know that I'll see them online, but I hope that we see them soon. Or at least that I can torment Michael online, while I imagine Katie's giggling at her husband freaking out.

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