Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flesh of my flesh, heart of my heart

I'm standing the shower, when I feel a hand tug on my pubic hair. It's not my husband. It's my daughter. She's in the shower with me, happy as a clam and splashing in the puddles, while I soap myself down and wash my hair.

Afterwards, I turn the shower off, put the drain on and let the water flow into the tub. The shower curtain opens up and we can hear the music streaming from my iPod into the room. During this time, I wash BD off and we sit and soak in the tub.

Bathing with Momma is different than when she's alone. When she's in the tub alone, BD often stomps around, splashing furiously and attempting to do shots of bath water out of her many, many toys.

But with me, she's a little quieter. We do splash, but most of the time we just sit together and soak in the water. BD will sometimes rub a washcloth over my chest and say seriously, "Chest."

She's very slippery in the water and her wet hair hangs down her back (When did it get so long?). One occasion, she slid in for a hug, our bodies fitting together perfectly for one small moment, before she separated to play in the water.

I used to not enjoy these moments. Some days I just wanted 20 minutes alone and to myself, even if it was in the shower and brushing my teeth. But as of late, I've been wanting them more.

Maybe it's because BD has never really been a hugger, kisser or cuddler. She likes to run and explore, climbing and running around. If she wants to be held, it's often because she wants to get closer to something out of her reach.

When I ask her if she loves Momma, she answer with a smile, "No." Most of the time, when I'm giving her a kiss, she's pushing me away, seeking out the next adventure.

But for those brief moments in the tub, she gives me a hug, she slides past me like a baby seal, maneuvering through the water without hesitation. And when she slides into my body for a hug, she fits perfectly.

I don't know how long these moments will last, and I know that there will be other sweet moments in the future, but right now, I'll treasure what I've got in the tub with my kid.

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