Monday, January 19, 2009


The new U2 single, Get On Your Boots , is up! SQUEE! SQUEE!

After a couple of listens, I gotta say I like it. Big surprise. I like that it's crunchy and harder than the "typical" U2 sound (DID YOU GET THAT COLDPLAY?), and Bono's spitting out of the lyrics matches the frenetic pace of the song. I need to hear it more, but for me, this is like a blend of Achtung Baby and How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb.

I think this is also proof positive that even U2 move away from the huge sonic landscapes that everyone considers to be their trademark. Even with favored producers Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Steve Lillywhite, U2 manages to sound different (AGAIN, LEARN THAT ONE COLDPLAY).

So yes -- I am excited about the new album. The U2 fangirl may be out soon in full force.

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Amanda said...


That made me spray peppermint tea all over my keyboard. You owe me a new MacBook!