Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comfort food of all shapes and sizes

Lately, with it getting darker soon and the weather being too cold to go outside, I've been suffering the winter blahs. Benevolent Dictator and Jeff are also suffering the same thing too, so our house has become one big den of angst, woe and short nerves mixed with lots and lots of comfort food.

I'd say it's like Christmas with the family, but I actually like spending time with my family. But you get the picture.

Anyways, Jeff and I were talking about winter and how blah we were feeling when we got on the topic of comfort food -- the food that takes you back to your childhood and is often heavy enough to stick to your ribs and knock you out cold.

For Jeff, it's casseroles with noodles and lots of "cream of" soup cans, like tuna casserole. For me -- it's dumplings, noodle soups and fried rice. Two very different cuisines.

As of late, we've been eating a lot of both really. I've been busy cooking stir fries and casseroles, often using the stir fries to offset the artery-clogging goodness of Jeff's comfort food.

But it got me to thinking, and I'm curious to see what other people say -- what's your favorite comfort foods? Got any good recipes?


Amanda said...

My grandmother's recipe for calamari marinara will always remind me of Christmas, and my mom makes this wonderful kielbasa soup every autumn. I can't describe the deliciousness of either of them.

QuietlyGoingMad said...

I'm like jeff...cream of casseroles are key comfort food. but roast beef with potatoes, carrots, onions cooked with it is a very close second.