Saturday, December 06, 2008

Random list of AWESOMNESS!

1. Saw Bruce Campbell at Sundance for My Name is Bruce on Wednesday night. The movie is your typical B-grade horror (which is to say a lot of freakin' fun) and apparently someone got the whole thing on You Tube. Bruce was his typical smartass self, which means that a fun time was had by all. I also have had "The Legend of Guan Di" stuck in my head for the past couple of days.

2. Iron Man is a good movie. Robert Downey Jr. continues to amuse and delight me as an actor. And I want that portable, armored wet bar that's featured in the movie. As well as Dummy, even though I suspect Benevolent Dictator will disassemble Dummy in a few short minutes.

3. I now have a Twitter account. Yes, I know I said before that I wouldn't get one. Yes, I am eating crow. I've figured out now that Twitter is not a terrible way to pass notes among friends in a quick, bite-sized fashion. After all, not everything I say requires a lot of words. Sometimes a "GAH!" suffices.

I'm also starting to see it as the little area I can jot down notes if I want to -- as if I'm floating around ideas for blog posts, writing, etc. Anne Lamott wrote about carrying a pen and a note card in her back pocket for story ideas. I wonder if Twitter's going to be my cyber-note card.

4. Big news on the Internet fame front. Will post more about that later.

5. Friday was the last night of DMF EVER, since Union South is also going away. I managed to sneak in to get a dance or two in. Good times, good times. I'm going to miss going to DMF in college and then heading out to IHOP for pancakes. It was weird this time because there was a lot of high school kids all in American Apparel grinding to techno. I missed the nights where it was gothy kids all dancing to industrial, KMFDM and NIN. Oh, and the cherry Kool-Aid that could rot your teeth from the sugar.

It made me want to yell, "DAMN IT! GET SOME REAL MUSIC! AND PULL YOUR DAMN PANTS UP!" At least there was a DMF alumni room where one could drink.

That's pretty much it right now. Bite-sized chunks, but I just wanted to get this out.

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Jennifer said...

Guan-you, Guan-me, Guan-di!