Thursday, November 06, 2008

And this is how you get videos of moms wailing on each other's asses

This morning Benevolent Dictator and I headed out to a local sports center for open gym time. Basically this means that wee people, who come up to about your kneecaps, are allowed to run helter skelter about an indoor soccer field, kicking balls, jumping around and just generally burning off some of the near infinite amounts of energy they have.

BD, being a watcher, spent a lot of her time just wandering around and staring at the kids as they did their little sporty things. Occasionally she'd intrude on an event, standing in the middle of the hoopla. During one of those moments, she stood on a large fabric parachute that some kids were playing with.

It was at that moment that a little blond demon spawn pushed my kid to get her off the parachute. Which I suppose is understandable when you're about three and have no patience. But I'll admit that my mama lion instincts roared to life. This. Kid. Pushed. My. Kid. And her mother didn't notice to tell her kid to knock it off.

Now, I wasn't sure what to do -- I mean, disciplining a kid that isn't my own or related to me, seems like a big no-no in the parenting etiquette world. But. This. Kid. Pushed. My. Kid. MY. KID. Now I understand why you see videos of parents beating the fuck out of each other because one kid did something to someone else's kid. It's that weird protective instinct that overrides civility.

I guess, what would you do? Do you tell the mom, "Hey, your kid just pushed my kid?" or do you let it go?

What did I do in the end? Well, BD was understandably upset and came to me crying (it was also close to lunch so nerves were on end). I just hugged her and told her, "Sometimes people are mean sweetie. You gotta learn to let it go." She took that advice to heart and then went wandering off to attempt to climb a soccer goal net.

Now if I could brush stuff off as easily as she did, I'd probably be a much nicer person.

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QuietlyGoingMad said...

#1 best thing about parenting--teaching your kids to function in ways your parents may not have taught you---and teaching them the things you WISHED you would've known.