Saturday, October 25, 2008


That quote, screamed during Jordan Knight's performance of "Baby I Believe in You," was the thing that caused me to double over in laughter for about five minutes during the New Kids on the Block concert in Milwaukee on Wednesday.

Make no mistake about it, I had a blast at the concert. Abby, Heather and Jenno were great company on the ride to Milwaukee, during the concert (thank heavens for the snark -- I don't know if I could've made it through the concert without a smart-assed comment or two) and on the way back.

The concert itself was pretty damn good and was a pretty good blend of the old stuff and new CD. The guys look great and are in fit shape, the songs sounded good and the dancing, while not insanely over-the-top, was pretty good. Obviously they know their audience demographic when Donnie Wahlberg launches into a speech about how all the women left their husbands or boyfriends at home, and how the group will be the audience's husbands for the night.

The first NKOTB concert I was at was Face the Music, which had catfights going down over the guys. Don't fuck with NKOTB fans. They will cut a bitch.

But this time around, it was neat seeing the people who grew up during the past 20 years. Some girls were dressed in their goth/punker/skater wear, some were reflecting the '80s and many just tried to look their best, because really, it's a cool night out and if you're a mom, sometimes you just need any excuse to dress up.

I think right now, for me, the best part was awakening my friends' inner fangirls for the band, which were pretty much dormant until The pusher. Hey closeted NKOTB fans -- come out! We have cookies!

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