Sunday, September 07, 2008


That was the common scream from me as K. and I passed by the new American Apparel store on State Street, located where Cafe Assisi used to be and a card shop (WHICH USED TO SELL FUDGE! GOOD FUDGE!) was. Now that building houses a place where you can get a gold lame leotard. Every time she comes up and we do the State Street march, I feel a little older and a little more crotchety.

Anyways, it was another weekend of good conversation, fantastic food and reminiscing of our days as broke-ass students at UW. We made our return to Restaurant Muramoto, which I didn't realize had moved from its little spot to the former Cocoliquot space on King Street. Thankfully someone at the original spot told us what happened.

This meal, much like my Oceanaire Seafood Room experience at Gen Con, was one of those rare beautiful moments where excellent service, good food and wonderful company mix to create an experience that you'll always treasure. Or as I put it to K.:

"I am feeling generous and magnanimous towards the world."

"Is that your new phrase for saying you're drunk?"

Maybe just a little bit. The cocktails there are wonderful. We nearly had little food orgasms over the miso braised black cod, the duck roll, the steak and potato salad (SOOOO GOOD), crab, oyster shooters, etc. We sat at the bar, watching the staff do their magic. They laughed at the two tipsy, loud people who visibly enjoyed their meals and just kept going with the flow.

I think we scared our waitress (who was a wonderful person guiding us through the food and everything else) with how we were ordering, but after awhile, she went with the flow and guided us through a lot of fun. Maybe I'm an attention whore (no wait, I am sometimes), but I was also flattered when she had fun serving us. It's nice to know both sides had fun.

The next day, we took Benevolent Dictator with us downtown and brunched at Orpheum. As usual, BD's manners outside of the house are impeccable. She managed to charm a group of girls sitting next to us. However, they did not give her their Eggs Benedict, despite her "I'm a poor, starving waif," face.

We then headed to Library Mall to roam around and ran smack dab into a herd of girls. Gaggles of girls, celebrating the fact that they got into a bunch of sororities or something. It was weird. There were cars driving up and down Langdon, with screaming girls hanging out the windows, booty-rap pumping. Scanner Dan also got into the action, trying to steal kisses from pledges. The more things change...

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