Thursday, August 14, 2008

Greetings from the Con of Gens!

Well, actually Gen Con. I'm currently reporting to you from the Omni in Indianapolis, where Jeff and I are spending some wonderful child-free, adult time doing gaming and other silly things.

As for Benevolent Dictator, she's currently hanging with her Grandma (my mother-in-law) and being a wonderful girl. The phone calls show she's happy and babbling and having a great time. Which alleviates my concerns, because I was afraid that the following was going to happen:

Yes. I am paranoid sometimes.

But it's all working out great. Benevolent Dictator is behaving. We're getting some good games in. It's lovely to be able to linger in bed a little bit instead of getting up immediately to tend to someone's needs. It's nice gaming with Jeff instead of taking shifts. It's lovely eating out in restaurants and doing things at our leisure instead of chasing BD around.


We see a baby or a toddler hanging off the hip of their mother or father. We see wee ones in the gaming area or wandering around with gaming badges on. And part of us begins to ache because both of us instantly miss our little brown-eyed girl.

Soon enough. Soon she'll be old enough to appreciate coming here and playing games. Until then, I think that we'll make this our couple time.

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