Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was talking to my friend K. last night when she mentioned that Trent Reznor has been sending his fans on a scavenger hunt for tickets to the new NIN tour. I didn't know how hardcore it was, until I stumbled on this article:

My brother TJ, a 33-year-old hard-core fan who has followed the band across continents to attend shows, was one of the first to see it. "We've got to go," he shouted as I sat bewildered on the couch. "We've got to go right now!"

As he drove down winding back roads, I kept asking why he was breathing so heavily, why he was yelling and why he was driving almost double the speed limit. He told me to shut up and memorize the map. You know how big brothers can be.

Now, I think this would be cool, not just for the more diehard of your fans, but also for the snarky fans like me, who would love to watch grown women get into fistfights for VIP tickets to your show. I might not win the tickets, but hell, a free evening's worth of entertainment is still a good time.

Just think about it. It would be awesome. You should do this.



PS -- Heard clips of the new CD. Man, you guys are horny. At least it's got a great dance beat, which is great for boogieing in the car.

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K. said...

I admit, I have not even close enough to participate but following the fan hijinks has been so much fun. As soon as there's a clue near me I'm taking a long lunch break.

I'd love to see an NKOTB version of this. I think at some point some NIN fans will come to blows. heh.