Friday, May 16, 2008

Hasta la Vista Babies!

This blog will be dark for the next couple of weeks. Jeff, Benevolent Dictator and I are heading to Florida to see Jeff's parents for two weeks of fun in the boiling hot sun. I might be able to sneak off to do a post or two, but we'll see.

Right now our house is a mess of clothes, toiletries and other items used for packing. For once, we have two suitcases -- one for me and Jeff and one for Benevolent Dictator's clothes, toys, books, blankets, bibs, spoons and other assorted odds and ends. I was serious when I said I needed a sherpa guide for stuff like this.

It doesn't help that Benevolent Dictator has also been attempting to help me pack for this trip. When I say "help" I mean, "unpack and inspect everything, then climb into the suitcase to test the structural integrity." It's be kind of amusing and I'm glad that I'm not stressing myself about packing. Talk to me tomorrow -- then I'll probably be a ball of stress and pissed-off nerves.

Anyways, we'll see ya'll later!

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