Monday, August 21, 2006

Whilst surfing the web and killing my brain cells....

I came across one question:

Who is the fuck is Pretty Ricky? And were we as girls that stupid to go for a bunch of morons like that?

Watch. I'm going to get my ass toasted now by Pretty Ricky fans.

Oh, and anudder question: Chicago peeps -- what's up with the foie gras ban? And when did Chicago surpass Madison for the banning shit? Does this mean that people will have to smuggle in foie gras?


QuietlyGoingMad said...

Not only foie gras, but an alderman is also trying to get trans-fat cooking oil banned from restaurants, smoking has been banned, street musicians may be banned in the loop and hmmm, i think there are about 300 other 'banning' things, but i can't remember them.

the foie gras issue stems from the inhumane feeding conditions of the ducks and geese towards the end of their earthly time...the PETA freaks one on this one!

though restaurants who've never, ever served foie gras are now jumping on the bandwagon in protest and featuring menu items that are made with the stuff. I think that's just stoopit!

Amanda said...

Pretty Ricky? Thatis supposed to be an ironic name, right?