Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Words of wisdom from a married old hag

Keep in mind, right now I'm watching Sex and the City, an episode from the second season called "Games People Play" which asks the question: Do you have to play games to make a relationship work?

My only response is: "Why the hell are you playing games?"

OK. I'm a married old hag. I just celebrated my seventh anniversary with Jeff -- the one and only man I've ever been with (yes, I know, get the "awwws" out before I throw up) and I have to say that if I ever played games, I wouldn't have been with him. But neither of us tolerate bullshit games well. I'm too old for that shit.

Actually, the last paragraph is a lie. I tend to play the "No, really, what are you thinking" game. It doesn't work. Jeff knows when I try that game. And then we both play the "I'm going to anticipate your next move and try to beat you to that to give you what you want," game, which turns into a strange strategic mental quasi-tango that results in both of us frustrated and exhausted from playing mental chess.

So the point of this little rambly rant? Just speak the truth. Much easier that way. But I hope that most people know that nugget of wisdom by now.

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QuietlyGoingMad said...

I know the nugget, you know the nugget...many, many people DO NOT KNOW THE NUGGET!

Seriously--as a 35 year old single woman, speaking the truth is not what most people do and sadly is not what most people want, regardless of what they verbalize.

Me being honest and sometimes blunt has lost me more than it's gained when it comes to others (in a manner of speaking, in hindsight, I'd say most of those people weren't much of a loss)--but it's gained me more than it's lost when it comes to myself. I'm just as honest with myself (most of the time or after a bit of time) as I am with other people. That doesn't mean to say I speak the truth all the time to them or about them, sometimes (a lot of times these days) I keep it to myself. But, it's there under the surface, guiding me in my decisions.

Wow, that was a lovely bit of ridiculous rambling wasn't it.

Regardless---Happy Anniversary to you and Jeff! And many, many more to come.