Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh this CD? Ummmmmm......

I had to steal this on from Keidra (which can be found at the Writers Digest). It's too damn funny not to:

Your friend asks to borrow a couple of your CDs. While rummaging through your collection, the two of you stumble upon what you consider to be the most embarrassing album that you own. You definitely don't want your friend to know that you actually like that record, so make up an excuse as to how it got in your collection. The more elaborate the reasoning, the better.

Oh that? That CD of Face the Music by New Kids? Yeah. See, I was in Boston for a trip. Yeah, I was in Boston -- what? I never mentioned it to you? *shrug* Sorry, it was awhile ago.

Anyways, I was out checking out a flea market or something, when I see this guy selling CDs who looked really familiar for some reason. I mean, I couldn't place the face because he was older and a little more craggy, but he looked familiar to me.

"CDs for sale!" he shouted, with a sound of desperation in his voice. "All good shit!"

Me being me, I wandered over and took a look. None of them were good. I mean, they were a lot of Step by Step, Hangin' Tough and some weird CDs by Menudo. By this point, because I was close enough to see him clearly, I saw who it was.


He just looked so sad and desperate that I felt bad for the guy. I mean, it looked like he hit hard times or something. Maybe the Surreal Life wasn't that good to him, but he looked harsh.

I couldn't help it. I just grabbed a random CD and bought it from him for like $5. He asked if I wanted him to sign it, but I declined, because I just wanted to get away from him. The stare he had was getting a little too creepy.

So yeah, that's why it's in my collection.

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