Monday, July 24, 2006

Hasta la vista Kat!

Just got back from saying goodbye to another friend. One month after Brian headed out to Northern California, we're about to say safe travels to his wife, Kat, who's joining her husband. Kat, in an insane sign of dedication to Clerical Error, wanted to finish the larp out before she left town.

Kat's very different in comparison to me. She's very elegant, knows how to mix a good drink and always dresses well. I'm like Eliza Dolittle before the bath and Henry Higgins. But somehow, we get along pretty well. Even if we disagree about U2 (hee), movies and other stuff, it's still fun to talk to her.

I think that she and Brian will really enjoy NoCal. Given their gourmet tastes and geek background, they're in one of the areas that can be considered geek heaven.

Best of luck you guys. Have fun out there and enjoy everything, and we'll see ya'll at Gen Con.

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