Sunday, June 18, 2006

Safe travels Brian!

Last night, the Madison crew gathered at Ben's house to give a proper send-off to Brian as he heads off to No-Cal for a new job. Kat will be joining him in about a month and then one couple in our little group will be heading out of town.

I'll miss Brian and Kat. Brian's known fof being anally precise in his cooking, alcohol and other things. Kat's known for being the hostess with the mostess -- a gal who knows how to be proper, have manners and basically be more refined that I ever will be.

Moving is kind of scary. After all, you're ripping of roots and transplanting them somewhere else. There's the mundane details of finding the right grocery store, figuring out your way to work and learning the quirks of a new pad. But really, No-Cal is probably an ideal place to be at, especially for those epicureans. Napa Valley, the alcoholic's and foodie's dream come true. Then there's Scharffen Berger Chocolates, Fisherman's Wharf and that place in San Jose with the lovely sweet potato fries and watermelon juice.

Good luck you guys. And I don't doubt that we're going to see plenty of each other. And now I've got an excuse to come out to No-Cal again!

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