Thursday, May 04, 2006

The pose is not an indicator of my marriage

I am a cliff hanger!
Find your own pose!

Cliffhanger Traits and Tendencies
On the surface, the Cliffhanger might seem like an angry pose, the aftermath of a heated argument or years of misunderstanding. Really the pose is an elegant expression of two people in sublime agreement about the supremacy of personal comfort. Both parties believe that when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, the sides of the bed are its most prime real estate, and both are practical enough to recognize that the only way for everyone to get the best of the bed is to split up.

Comfort Zone The Cliffhanger is a Sea Sleeper pose. Other Sea poses a Cliffhanger might try include The Bubble Blower and Sixth Posture of the Perfumed Forest.

Point of Interest
The Cliffhanger pose is the ideal arrangement for couples sharing the bed with an infant or injured animal, with the safety frame of soft humanity that they create together providing a natural "crib bumper."

Stolen from Abby!

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