Saturday, April 29, 2006

Turning the tables around

So I noticed that Sid and QGM asked people to submit questions and they'd answer them. I had fun seeing their answers, and mulled over doing the same thing.

However, I've done it before. And really, I'm curious to see if people will answer the completely inappropriate questions that I ask to my friends (that for some reason, they refuse to answer). These are the same questions that get my husband groaning and realizing that he married a woman with a low-grade version of Tourette's syndrome.

So here's my two questions:

1. If a person is in Wild Shape, and they have sex with their own species, is that beastiality?

2. Let's say there's a person (man or woman) with both of their arms broken. They need help undoing their zipper so they can pee. Do you help them? Why?

Have fun kids!

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Eva said...


You need to spring stuff like this on people in person. Then they can't just blush and ignore it.