Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Question for all ya'll

I'm looking to get a new messenger bag for Gen Con in August (as well as other weekend getaways) and I need some advice. I'm thinking about getting this bag.

But if you have other recommendations, that would be great. I need a bag that can do the following:

1. Has to be able to carry clothes, cell phone, wallet, iPod and other random crap for weekend trips. For Gen Con, I need a bag that can hold a lot of gaming books (which aren't that big alone, but they add up in size and weight), as well as dice, mixed nuts, a decent sized bottle of water and other odds and ends.

2. Has to have a comfortable shoulder strap that's easy to adjust.

3. Not so bulky that it becomes a duffel bag instead of a messenger bag.

4. It doesn't have to be cute, because I'll probably add patches and other girly stuff to make it my own.

Any help is appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Ask Brian. He did a lot of research on messenger bags last year before Christmas. Of course he was searching for a professional-looking leather bag, which doesn't seem to be what you need.


Eva said...


It sounds like you want a backpack not a messenger bag. That's an awful lot of stuff to jam in a messenger bag. And the one strap on a messenger bag gets painful if you put more than a small amount of crap in it.

(If you decide you want a backpack I would strongly suggest L.L.Bean's backpacks.)