Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hey Sid! How'd I get your "Hot P*ssy!" perfume?

Today, Eva and I headed back to Milwaukee to go clothes shopping for an upcoming wedding in two weeks. As we were passing Ft. Atkinson, there was a guy in another car waving at us. Me, being the friendly, gullible sort, waved back.

Apparently he thought that meant "Yes! I would love to fuck you!" because he kept following us, slowing down posting his phone number on driver's side window. We tried ignoring him, but he kept tailing us for about 30 or so miles and showing off his phone number.

I finally got fed up. Finding a piece of paper, I wrote "WE'RE BOTH MARRIED!" on it and posted it up on the window. He then gave a thumbs down and left us alone for the remainder of the trip.

WHAT THE HELL? How do you translate a friendly wave to "Yes baby, I'm interested in getting to know you!"?


K. said...

I've been in situations where eye contact with a guy for more than 5 seconds was interpreted as a tacit invitation for sex. it doesn't take much, really.

divine m said...

Yup. And men wonder why we're all bitches.

Dragonslayer said...

It's because the times a guy does get laid, it's starts off just that innocently. Eye contact, waving or "Hi" could lead to more, and you never know until you try.