Monday, April 17, 2006


I love the kids in Keidra's neighborhood.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to head down to Chi-town to hang with Keidra and her lovely sister Faith. It's always a good time going down there for the usual food and frolic, and this time I was lucky enough to meet Keidra's big sister.

I've heard Keidra talk about Faith, and she's commented on here, but it really didn't prep me for meeting her. I got my first chance to meet her at bin, an offshoot of Bin 36 in trendy Wicker Park. Bin wasn't a good place to talk to someone you just met. Bin's the restaurant you take people who you don't want to talk to -- that should sum up how I felt about the place.

But once we got outside to the peace and quiet (heh) of the street, I got to know Faith better. She's smart, feisty, political and funny as hell. I loved hearing her take on why the Democrats suck right now -- and I agreed with her words.

Needless to say, Faith's welcome at my house any day.

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Faith said...

Awww. **smile** Thank U! When I'm in Madison screening my film(s!) we will definitely get drinks. Hopefully, Dems will be running the sh** by then and I'll have less to complain and rant about.

I'm glad lil sis has a cool friend like you!