Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things I'm missing right now

1. Dog Eat Dog. It used to be a hot dog restaurant in Madison that had the best chili slaw veggie dogs ever. It also had the best veggie chili I've had in awhile. Unfortunately, both restaurants closed down a couple years ago. But lately, I've been having a strong craving for a chili slaw dog with french fries with a nice, icy lemonade.

2. Radical Rye. Owned by one of the guys who blew up Sterling Hall back in the 1960s, Rad Rye had the best sandwiches around. You could have a wide assortment of toppings ranging from sprouts and cucumbers to sauerkraut. It was shut down (along with other good restaurants) to make way for the shiny Overture Center.

Does anyone else have a place they miss badly? For what reasons?


Kathleen said...

Brian deeply misses Dotty Dumplings, which was also bulldozed for the new, unimproved Overture Center. It may have resurfaced a few blocks away, but something essential was lost in the transfer and it became just another greasy burger joint.

QuietlyGoingMad said...

I miss this lovely little restaurant/bar called Chat Noir in Des Moines. It's housed in a huge Victorian and the rooms are small and cozy along with a wrap-around porch for summer dining. They had a mere 6 selections of specials each night, the best creme brulee I've ever had, and a fantabulous assortment of high-end beers and excellent wines. They even had a parlor for playing board games and a library where you could grab a coffee and kick back to read for a while. It's one of the very, very few things I miss about Des Moines.

K. said...

I miss both of those places. And Deb and Lola's in Madison.

I also miss this Korean place on Clark that I can't remember the name of.