Monday, February 20, 2006

Well played, QGM, well played.

Whilst surfing on QGM's blog, she threw down the following meme gauntlet. If you want answers, I've got answers for you!

What are the top three musicians you would most want to be your next door neighbor?

1. Edge. Seriously. He probably doesn't get as many people camping out in front of his house like Bono (which could be annoying as a neighbor), and for some reason, I imagine that there's strange scientific experiments going on with electric guitars.
2. Parliament Funkadelic. I know they technically don't live together, but can you imagine all the crazy shit that would occur at their house? I mean, there'd be aliens landing, loud music, bright lights and more pot smoke than at a Great Midwest Marijuana Festival! Not to mention, if you need to borrow a Halloween costume, Bootsy probably has something lying around you can use.
3. Henry Rollins. He seems like a nice enough guy and he'd always have an interesting story or two for you about either traveling in Siberia or recording a record with William Shatner.


Shasta MacNasty said...

i'd definately borrow a cup of brown sugar from mr. rollins...

QuietlyGoingMad said...

*ahem*, I think I might wanna borrow more than a cup o' sugar...maybe some real sugaaaa, if you know what I mean!