Monday, March 07, 2005


Stole this meme from Keidra. I'd like some responses freely given, but if I have to, I'll resort to sending hookers and blow to motivate your asses.

Please recommend to me:

1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album
4. a blog
5. a recipe
6. a website
7. a quote
8. a TV show

Any or all will do.


K. said...

I tried to post this once, and it didn't work. So here we go again...

1.)Dark City. Or Libeled Lady with Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow and WIlliam Powell
2.) Volunteer Slavery by Jill Nelson
3.)Everybody's Got Their Something, Nikka Costa
5.)Sushi-shaped cupcakes. (I'll e-mail the recipe to you if you want)
7.)"One had better die fighting against injustice than die like a dog or a rat in a trap." Ida B. Wells
8.)The Brak Show!

Kathleen said...

These might not be very imaginative, but at least they are heart-felt.

1. The Lion in Winter. With Katherine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole, of course.
2. The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger.
3. Apocalyptica.
5. Kathleen's Peppermint Bark. (equal parts chocolate candy coating and white mint candy coating, plus a handful of candy canes. Melt chocolate and spread on baking sheet. Melt mint and spread on top of chocolate. Crush peppermint sticks and sprinkle on top. Your coworkers will love you.)
7. In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni. (A Latin palindrome a friend put on a Valentine for me: "We circle about at night and are consumed by fire." It's great because it could refer to either moths or lovers.)
8. Firefly!!! Or the first four seasons of The West Wing (none of this current crap).

Sid said...

1. Roan Innish
2. The Impressionist, Kunzru
3. Regret, New Order
5. 1 can bush's veggie baked beans, topped with 2 fried eggs, with a black and tan on the side
7. Kathleen's was the best ever
8. Even Stevens

Sid said...

WAIT A MINUTE! You mean, if I had waited a little longer, I coulda had HOOKERS AND BLOW?!?!?!