Saturday, March 19, 2005

Suck that Ticketbastard!

Today (in the midst of packing and other stuff), I -- with the assistance of friends and my honey bunny -- managed to thwart Ticketmaster. I now have tickets to see U2 in Milwaukee!

It was a fairly coordinated attack. Like a bank heist, people hit the Ticketmaster website and got enough for the group that's going. Amazingly enough, Mike scored two of the golden, coveted tickets -- floor, general admission. His wife, Emily, and I will be on the floor as Jeff, Mike and Keidra sit up in the 400 section (nosebleed, but with a view of the stage) being wiseasses the entire time.

Katie L. scored five extra tickets, but I don't doubt her powers to unload them with friends and such. After the last attempt I had back in January, this is sweet result.

I have to thank Eva, Brian, Jeff, Mike, Keidra and Katie L. for their help in scoring tickets. You guys rock!


K. said...

I'm so glad you got tickets! Go you!

Sid said...

Have a safe trip to the zhong guo. Also, yay, U2 Tickets! Good job!