Sunday, February 20, 2005

Well done booby mag, well done.

I gotta give props to the men's mag Playboy. It's always been intelligently written (unlike the other laddie magazines). Let me put it this way, the content is normally so good that I read the magazine before Jeff even gets his hands on it. He normally never sees it because I'm reading it. I've bored people to tears about the merits of its recipes and drink ideas and The Advisor. I don't give a rat's ass about the women in the magazine -- I mean, I own a pair, so why would I visit?

Anyways, this month's issue is particularly good for the following reasons:

1. The Rock interview. For a former professional wrestler, the guy is pretty smart, funny and a good interview too.

2. Stolen Screams. An article about the 1994 theft of one of The Scream paintings is well written and in a wonderful narrative style.

3. An article about celebrities' album attempts. Some of the funniest stuff ever. Who knew that Kobe Bryant had a gangsta rap album that never saw the light of day?

4. The Year in Music -- I agreed with most of their selections and David Bowie made their Hall of Fame. WOOO!

5. A really, really good essay about how in some cases, the battle of red vs blue in politics isn't between states, but counties. For a Dane County resident (who's seen much animosity from outside areas to Madison), the article about Seattle's King County hit close to home for me.

But there's always bad. This is what stunk:

1. 20 questions with Kid Rock. Any man who dresses his 11-year-old son up as a "pimp" and drinks with him deserves to be drop kicked into the next county.

2. Paris Hilton being featured on the cover. Nuff said.

I haven't had a chance to read Chuck Palahniuk's short story yet (he's the guy who did Fight Club), but I'm looking forward to reading it. Just gotta give some love to the booby magazine with the good articles.

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K. said...

I know Playboy has good writing, but I just can't bring myself to read it. I'm too much of my mom's daughter that way. But I am down with the Playboy Foundation, as they have given to a lot of free speech and reproductive rights causes.