Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bring me the head of Gil Cates

I have to say this -- whoever thought it was a good idea to have some of the nominees stand up on the stage like a bunch of beauty show contestants should be shot. That's got to be the worst thing to do to a bunch of people who are nervous, excited and scared. Not to mention, if you want to be upset, you can't really do that onstage.

If it was just to shave off the 5-10 seconds that it takes for a person to get onstage, that was stupid as hell.

Forgive me ya'll. I've just put too much Irish cream in my coca, so I might be a bit raw for this posting.

I wasn't as excited this year about the Oscars as I was last year. But last year, I had a personal investment -- I mean, it was fuckin' Return of the King for pity's sake! This year, I didn't see any of the films nominated for best picture. I've been meaning to see Sideways for awhile, but I haven't dragged my sorry ass to the theater yet.

Which made it easy for me to watch the show and snark merrily on the proceedings. I liked Chris Rock as host, but admittedly, I was hoping he'd be a bit meaner. But he still was pretty damn awesome to me.

What the hell was up with Beyonce singing three of the five nominated songs? It was like Cates was saying, "How can we save money on this show? I know! We'll get one singer and have her do all the songs! That'll save some cash!" At least her momma didn't dress her. Otherwise it would've been hotpants and big hair ahoy!

Also, why did the women seem to be dressed gothy this year? Black lacy outfits, black dresses, and dark makeup were all over the place. Shit man, what about some color or humor dammit? I miss Bjork's swan dress.

There were some good outfits though. I did like Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet. I think they were the only ones that brought color.

Oh yeah, then there was the nightmare known as Adam Duritz's hair. I know the refrain, "Get a haircut and get a real job" is stupid, but dude, that hair is stupid.

All in all, it was a bit of a blah Oscars for me. And Gil Cates needs to learn NEVER to do "having the nominees line up onstage" bit again.

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K. said...

And the ratings still went down this year, so Gil Cates annoying changes were for naught.