Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I don't think a prairie oyster can cure this election hangover

After sleeping the sleep of the dead (and imagining my house is trying to kill me -- thanks Zonk!) and seeing the election results, I have to say I'm more sad than angry. I'm not surprised really with George W. Bush winning again. There was a silent majority out there that backed the Shrub. I'm disappointed because I sense that we're setting up something that will take more than 2008 to undo and that what I believe is right is going to be slowly eroded away.

But I'm not angry. I'm not pissed at Ohio. Nor am I pissed at the amazing voter turnout that occurred -- 60 percent of eligible voters hit the polls (the highest number since 1968). It's a reminder that not everyone thinks the same, nor do we agree on how things should be done.

And that's where my next part -- which may cause this blog to go up in flames like a cheap Halloween costume near a candle -- may hurt to read: Let the angry, screaming ranting and name-calling go. If we want to get shit done, we're gonna have to learn to compromise and talk with the other side (even if right now we're pissed at them).

Hell, Jon Stewart (the man, the myth the legend) pointed it out on the infamous Crossfire segment -- the screaming lowers political discourse. "I don't -- it's not so much that it's bad, as it's hurting America . . . Stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America," said Stewart about the shows that have both sides calling each other names and doing the "I'm right, you're wrong, fuck you" bit.

This goes for Republicans too. Crowing about how you won and the liberal weenies lost isn't exactly good for fostering relationships or for getting shit done. Yes, you guys got the leader of the free world, yes you kept the damn majority in both houses, but frankly, you're not winning me over if you do the victory dance on my head.

I'm not happy that we've got four more years of a potential holy war on our hands. I'm not happy that we've managed to alienate the entire world. I'm not happy that we're about to see civil rights go down the shitter. I'm not happy to see a guy that bragged about "compassionate conservativism" become this fucktard in four years. I'm not happy that we've got Dick Cheney again.

But I have to respect the will of the people that went out and voted. I have to say that it's truly awesome to see both sides voting and not staying home with their hands up their asses. I don't agree with the majority (not that I ever really did), but calling them names isn't going to encourage them to listen to us in the future. And like it or lump it, we're gonna need them.

It ain't over. The tactics have changed though.

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Amanda said...

I agree, Viv. Calling Dubya a fucker was just something I needed to get out of my system.

The pain has past. Let the healing begin.