Monday, October 18, 2004

Woot! We win!

For those of you wondering about how Michael, Katie and I did at the Whatley LARP this weekend: We won. We won beer. I don't want to leak too much (just in case people find out), but suffice to say, it was a lot of fun.

It's been years since I did live-action. The last few times I did it in the past, I was bored out of my skull -- without a strong purpose or reason (or a time schedule), I'm no good. I wander off to do something like examine my navel lint.

This was awesome because of the time crunch. There's was the feeling that we had until midnight to get everything done and had to keep moving. Not to mention, the people in our group were wonderful to play with. Everyone kept in character pretty much (except for me doing a "BOOYA!" when I accomplished something) and it was great fun.

Gail and Dig (the people in charge of the LARP) are truly nuts. But in a good way. They took an entire house and transformed it into Frankenstein's lab. It's nice to see people who can make good use of a house.

I am looking forward to next year: The Curse of Whatley's Meddling Kids! Jinkies!

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