Sunday, October 24, 2004

My new soap opera -- Desperate Sims!

I love the Sims 2. But I love any game that allows me to create little dolls, dress them up and make them do goofy stuff such as play the piano for about eight to 14 hours straight.

This time, in tradition of many things, I've created Sims that mirror me and Jeff, and our friends. While some of them I'm going to play a little straight and like reality -- Jeff and I are married (after being roomies for awhile), with a kid on the way -- I'm also going to warp reality a little bit.

My best case of that right now is Lil' Keidra and Lil' Raizel. Lil' Keidra's a naughty girl. She has a job at a gas station and is slacking off. Lil' Raizel's an EMT and a very nice, sweet girl who likes to learn stuff.

Being that this is my world and I'll do what I want, I decided to introduce a Lil' Sean Bean for Lil' Keidra. For those of you who don't know who Sean Bean is -- he's Borimir from Lord of the Rings. And apparently, he induces ovulation for many women, judging from some of the fanpages and random postings that I've seen about him.

My story is that he's chosen (like the rest of us) Pleasantview to live in between filming movies. He's also an incredible manwhore who's been spreading love to Lil' Keidra and Lil' Raizel. I think that Jeff's convinced that I'm just doing Sims porn now when I play the game when I yell, "Oh yeah! He bagged her!"

I'm not sure where I'll go with this. I'm pretty certain that I need to step away from the game at times, because it's so damn addictive to me. Nothing like playing with electronic dollies to make (a not-real) life entertaining.


Amanda said...

You have a baby on the way, Viv? If so, then congrats!

K. said...

OMG, you're PREGNANT!?!?!?

Holy crap! Why didn't you tell me!!!!!!

Viv said...

It's the SIMS yo! I mean, I'm not preggers in reality. I can barely dress myself in the morning, let alone a child. No real life babies. First a dog. If the dog lives, children.

K. said...

Ok, just making sure. And I'd like to expand my horizons a bit with lil' Sean. Aren't there any more places for us to WooHoo?

Anonymous said...
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Viv said...

Damn girl! You already Woo Hoo'd with him in the hot tub, your bed, his bed, and the dressing room of a store twice. The man needs his rest *evil grin.*