Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Like sending a puppy up against an anaconda

After watching the first presidential debate (thanks to C-Span, which offered constant dual screen which was SWEET), I was highly amused to watch Kerry slip the knife into Bush repeatedly like some sort of warped magic trick in which the assistant hops into the basket and the magician slips a bunch of swords into the basket. Only in this case, Bush came out bloody.

So I was kind of looking forward to the vice-presidential debate. I mean, we've got the guy with the highest approval rating going up against the guy with the lowest approval rating (and who I suspect for some reason, eats babies Don't kill me FBI! I'm only kidding!).

What a disappointment. Edwards should just shut up, look pretty and bring the Ho!Yay! to the campaign. I could tell he was getting a little testy in certain areas and it didn't play well against Cheney, who was about as cool, collected and calm as a Bond supervillian.

Steel cage deathmatch. I tell ya, Edwards would've had the advantage in that.

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