Friday, August 13, 2004

Random Olympic observations

After seeing the opening ceremonies for the Olympics tonight, I've got a random list of observations that came to my mind:

1. Must. Move. To. Bermuda. Now. I loved their fashion sense of wearing Bermuda shorts with black loafers and black socks pulled all the way up. It's perfect for Jeff. He'd be right at home there.

2. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. That message goes to Bob Costas and whoever was talking with him during Bjork's performance. Just because it's on TV doesn't mean we need to hear you fill two bozos chatter on during a MUSICAL performance. Cripes. Yeah, it's the insane Icelandic pixie going beserk. Yeah, she's wearing a dress that covers all the athletes under it. But that doesn't mean we need to hear you guys talking every two seconds about how goofy she looked in the swan dress from the Oscars (which was a billion years ago, I might add). I mean, it's not necessary at all and it just took away from her performance.

3. It's cool how the United States got a warm reception, even though our foreign policies could be described as "assholish." Our athletes don't make policies and neither do the Iraqi, Israeli, Palestinian or Afghan athletes. But it's opening night. There's always a "love your brother" feeling on opening night.

4. Chinese Taipei? WTF is that? I don't care what China says -- it's Taiwan. They split from the motherland because the motherland's government is a bunch of controlling fuckers. Taiwan is a separate country.

5. Overall, it was a pretty cool ceremony. Athens did a nice job with it -- and hopefully they'll finish construction before the Olympics end. Kidding. I joke because I love.


K. said...

Dude I'm so pissed I missed Bjork last night. Well, not really. I had a chance to watch the Olympics and I just... forgot. So I guess I really wasn't all that interested in watching to begin with. But still, I love Bjork! Except for that last album, Vespertine, which was just Um, goodbye!

Viv said...

Hey, you were watching AvP. That's also pretty damn important in the world.

Anonymous said...

AvP was neat. Predators rock! Well, at least that one did, the rest were a little less than badass. I was hoping for more of a running battle, though; there was a bit too much of the squishy human factor, I think.

Re: Taiwan: