Monday, May 24, 2004

Can I just stay here forever and ever?

It's official. I *heart* San Francisco. I love the hills (even though they're a pain in the ass to climb up). I love the ocean. I love the warm weather and how it gets cool, but not to cool, at night. I love Amoeba Music in Haight-Ashbury and it's most awesome collection of music. I even found CDs from a local group called Null Device which caused me to do a happy dance in the store for no reason.

We've also been to the Metreon, to see a flick and play video games. It's nerd nirvana. A comic books store, martini bar, movie theater, video games and Games Workshop? I wanted to move in.

It's also been fun hanging with my sis and her husband, who have been gracious and kind hosts to us. Family bonding time is also great. It's like we haven't seen much of each other, so moments like this are valuable to me. Family's great because they remember some of the goofy stuff that you did as a child and can share the memories with you. And they put up with a drunken husband with good humor.

And all of that was just the first day. This is going to be a cool vacation.

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K. said...

I'm so glad you're having a great time! Enjoy!